N889 Mudstar M/T

Maximum Traction | Truck

The N889 MUDSTAR M/T is an off-road enthusiast’s dream come true. The aggressive tread design claws through rugged terrain for optimal traction and maximum durability. The tire features a high void ratio for an enhanced clearout and integrated stone ejectors to boost debris removal. The N889 is perfect for off-road adventures in extreme conditions.

M, N, Q


Asset 51

Extreme Terrain
Aggressive design and large voids to effectively navigate rough conditions

Asset 83@86px

Mud and Wet Traction
Classic, big, open tread design facilitates mud and water evacuation while enhancing void clearout

Asset 43

Extreme Durability
Rigid shoulder and 3-ply sidewall* design


Wheel Diameter
SizeItem NumberService IndexSidewallLR/PRTread DepthRim Width(Measured)Rim Width(Approved)Section WidthOverall DiameterMax Load SingleMax Load DualApproximate WeightUTQG

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